Is Cotten Custom Homes licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a licensed contractor for the state of Louisiana and we are fully insured.

How many homes do you build a year?

We currently build 7 to 10 homes a year.  These homes all vary in size, price range, and the community where it is built.  On average we will not have more than a few homes in the same stage of construction.  For instance, we may have some at the drawing stage, a few at the foundation stage, some at the framing or drywall stage, and one or two approaching completion.  This allows us to keep from saturating our contractors and allowing for a steady path of construction.


How long has Cotten Custom Homes been in business?

CCH has been in business for 18 years. We operated as a proprietorship for 20 years (1976-1996), and incorporated in 1996.  That's a total of 38 years of building in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston Parish.


Is Cotten Custom Homes a member to any builders association?

We are members of the Capital Region Builders Association, Louisiana Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders for the last 15 years.


Where is your office located?  What are your office hours?

Our office is located in Livingston, Louisiana at 20718 Madison Ave.  We serve our clients from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, but we are available after office hours if needed.  Our office numbers are Gerald at 225-445-4912, Carol at 225-445-4911 or Jay at 225-933-0033.  Our website is www.cottencustomhomes.net and email addresses are gerald@cottencustomhomes.com.


Do you do house renovations?

Typically no, but we would be willing to discuss the scope of your renovations to see if we could be of service.


Does Cotten Custom Homes have lots available?

CCH is able to build in a number of communities and will build to suit.  We currently maintain a small inventory of land throughout East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston Parish, and we can help you locate available lots in your desired neighborhood or rural tract.  Alternatively we can arrange to purchase a specific lot for you if the land costs are to be included in the mortgage for the house we are going to build.


How long does it take for you to complete a house?

On average, we complete projects in 6 months, depending on the size of the project.


What warranty do I offer?
A home is a major investment and buyers must be secure in the knowledge that the purchase is a good investment, was built by an experienced professional builder, and that quality materials were used.  Cotten Custom Homes adheres to the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act that provides a 1 year home is built to your parish code, a 2 year mechanical warranty which includes plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Appliances, and a 5 year structural warranty, providing homeowners with a strong foundation of security for their home.  There are also other extended warranties that are attached to shingles, the air conditioner, some appliances, etc.


Should the home owner obtain the permits?

No,  your contractor should always provide all needed permits.  Contractors have commercial construction liability insurance and worker compensation insurance that a homeowner does not have.


Do I need to have architectural plans?

This is a very common question.  In short, no, but if you do, that’s fine.  Our Master Builder (Gerald Cotten) will review your plans with you prior to providing a cost to construct.  Alternatively, we are happy to provide consultation, design, preliminary, and final plans for you.  We also work with designers that you can view their plans online, Acadiana DesignBonacorso DesignKabel House Plans, and Madden Home Design.


What if we have already a prepared architectural design plan, would you able to accommodate us in constructing our house?

Yes.  However, we have to double check your plans to ensure that there would be no discrepancies with the building code and its structural design.  This will eliminate any problems that may arise in the future.


Does Cotten Custom Homes have plans that I can choose from?

Yes, we have a wide variety of plans to choose from.


Does Cotten Custom Homes have a home to show you?

Yes, on occasion we might have several for you to view.


Where can I get financing?
We have some mortgage lenders and banks we have dealt with in the past that will work with you or bring your own.  A good mortgage lender will answer all your questions regarding the borrowing process.  Don’t rely on a low interest rate to determine a lender.  Compare closing costs and other fees, and ask how the lender will be compensated.


After I decide to build with you, what happens next?

Once we sign a contract, the project is set in motion the next business day by applying for permit, ordering surveys to plot the house on the lot, and setting up contractors to start.  Weather allowing after permitting, most times we’ll be digging the foundation within a week or so.


Who will be the contractors assigned to work on my home and will they meet/exceed expectations?

Our contractors have worked for us for years. We have an established relationship of trust.  Because of this, they are aware of our high level of expectation and are willing to fulfill that expectation.  The same communication level we provide you the buyer, is the same level we provide our contractors.  Contractor supervision and communication is a fundamental key necessary for a flawless construction process.  We will provide you with our the subcontractors’ / vendors names of which you’ll need to make your finishing selections, upon contract signing.


During the construction process what elements are most important?

Communication, communication, communication...
Communication between builder and client makes for a smooth process.


How will you provide communication with me on the status of the construction of the home from start to finish?

We will be in touch with you several times a week, either via email or phone, or at times, at the jobsite, whichever works best for your lifestyle.  At these times we will give you heads up as to progress and keep you abreast of what is forthcoming.  We will have walkthroughs periodically with you as well.  These will occur towards the end of framing and onset of mechanical installation, at the end of the drywall process, so we can meet with our carpenters on trim, and during the last month on punch list items. bWe will make ourselves available at anytime should you have questions or concerns outside of the previously listed walkthroughs.


Do you accept off-setting of materials?

This depends on what materials you want to offset.  We allow only quality materials so as not to affect our high standard of workmanship.  In this case, you would be responsible for the warranty of this product.


What choices do I have in the design, finishing, and fixtures of my home?

Your choices are only restricted by your budget.  CCH will always exceed the requirements of the Louisiana Building Code, and therefore we have a level of quality of products and building techniques that we will not compromise on.  As long as those criteria are met, we will do everything we can to deliver exactly what you want within your budget.


What brand name products does Cotten Custom Homes use?
CCH takes pride in using well-known, high-quality vendors to supply building materials for its custom homes.  Our suppliers include General windows, Masonite Doors, Sherwin Williams paint, Rheem Heating and Air, Delta fixtures, Westinghouse, Maytag, and Kitchen Aid appliances & many more.


How is the buyer involved in the process?

Once your contract is signed you can leave the building to us.  You have our assurance that your site will be supervised by us daily.  What CCH will need from you is your finishing selection.  This starts off with brick, shingles and cabinets, then proceed to plumbing fixtures and lighting.  The last half of the construction process we’ll need your flooring, paint, and landscape selections.


Where do we make our finishing selections?
CCH has partnered with several local vendors to provide showroom floors that give you a wide selection of choices.  We will make an appointment for you to make your selections.


Will I have a schedule as to when selections will be needed?

This will be given upon signing a contract and will be listed by priority as to when it will be needed.  In this list, will be the suppliers’ contact names and telephone numbers to schedule appointment times.


Who will oversee the construction of the home?
Gerald Cotten will oversee the construction of your home on a weekly basis. Gerald will be communicating with you on a current or as needed basics the status of the progress of your new home.  We believe in order to build a great home, we need to build a great relationship with you!


Do I have access to the jobsite throughout construction?

You will have access to the jobsite at all times.  We do emphasize that it is a construction site with machinery, hard working contractors and hazards.  Please be careful especially if children are with you.


After closing, how do we get a hold of you for warranty matters?

Just contact us the same as you have. We’ll be just as responsive to your needs.

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